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thank you so much, anon. to our followers, I’d like to say thanks so much for the great time. savannah and I had a wonderful year and a half on this blog and it makes me so happy that y’all are still on it. although I would love to keep blogging here, savannah and I have moved away from 1d and toward other interests (obsessions). I think that we’re gonna end here, guys…
you can follow savannah at savannahsiren and me at puddingqueen and katofrph— I love you guys so much…
xx livia

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oh god what did i do











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I just want to take a moment to discuss this with you guys… beyond the show. 

When Dean tells Sam “you do this, you’re dead.” Sam says, “So?” and basically everyone’s hearts break because they value Sam so much and they don’t see how the hell he could think so low of himself.

So I will use this as an example for all of you guys out there who are cutting, suicidal, and maybe neither; really, anyone who thinks they’re unwanted and unneeded in this life.

Sam has done bad things, but he’s done so much good, too. You all see him as a hero because he’s risked his life so many times, he’s fought without a second thought, he’s saved so many people. 

To us, it’s obvious how great of a person he is. No matter how many mistakes he made, we still love and value him for them. We see the good in him, right?

But Sam himself does not. He thinks he’s not trustworthy, he thinks he ruins everything, he thinks he’s hated. But he is not. He’s special, and strong, and brave, and we can all see that. He cannot.

So when you guys see this, you say, “yeah, well, he’s a hero.”

So are you, god damn it.

You don’t have to be Lucifer’s vessel to be a hero. Sometimes, no matter how tiny your issue is, you’re a hero for living through it, seriously. So remember what we all felt when Sam said, “so?” about his death?

Trust me, I’d feel at least 10x worse if I heard you say that.

Because you’re a real person. And you’re fighting real life problems and you may think they’re small, and that no one gives a shit about you, and that no one cares.

But really, you’re just Sam in this scenario. You just don’t see what you mean to everyone else. 

my rant is over but I just wanted to let people know how much their lives mean, whether I know them personally or not. God damn it, you’re a living person, with great thoughts and talents and looks and the best personality and the kindest heart.

Every time you feel depressed, remember this. You are Sam, and though you think your death is a simple “so?” it’s not.

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Twitter bios of the cast of Supernatural. I think there’s something wrong with this cast.

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“So what’s it all add up to? Well, it’s hard to say. But me, I’d say it was a test. For Sam and Dean. And I think they did alright. Up against good, evil, angels, devils, destiny, and God himself - They made their own choice. They chose family. And well, isn’t that kinda the whole point?”

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ap sex ed.

because public school sex ed sucks.

Oh my gosh amazing, accurate, GENDER NEUTRAL graphics?! I’ve died and gone to sex educator heaven. (The only thing better would be the inclusion of Intersex genitalia)

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He’s singing into my soul.


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i saw the boys at the today show and everything hurts

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yo my lil dingus ppl im in ny and goin to a free 1d concert @ reckerfeller concert if anybody is goin pls message me k?

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@onedirection: Beardy boys 1DHQ x

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louis’ jawline is so sharp it could cut potatoes





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if perrie and zayn have children though their babies cries will be the sound of harmonizing angels sending messages straight from god like recordings of them crying will probably be sold on the black market 

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1d rant srry

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literally the most badass moment in the history of animated film

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